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Service is a commitment. We have helped our clients succeed in projects across various industries. With a complete commitment to quality, our recruiters performs a 360 degree assessment to only recruit the best.”

Staffing Services

Predica makes a significant difference by deploying carefully selected consultants, architects, developers, business analysts and other project resources. Our resources are selected thru a thorough a detailed screening process

Short term and long term staff supplementation

Sourced from our vast network of consultants with proven track record

Meticulous screening prior to presentation

Technology Solutions

A changing Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors demands an unforeseen level of readiness in business entities. Our clients today look for a complete solution that provides innovation, sustainability and scalability. Predica’s AGGREGATION model engages best solution providers via partnership program to offer solution that are innovative and cost efficient.

Enterprise Architecture Services

Adobe Solution Services

SAP Solution Services

Data services

In Data Services we provide Data modeling and data warehouse & Big data architecture for high performance and Query performance optimization.

Business Solutions

Technology advancement in IoT, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Automation and many other areas are reaching the plateau of productivity and seeing mass adoption of latest technology innovation. Business and technology are no longer a disparate or standalone function.

Digital Marketing Solutions

P&L Analysis

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Lean Management

Digital Transformation

Partners Services

Partners services are designed to utilize a global work force competency to meet clients needs.

Productivity Gain and Employee Enrichment App

Web Content Management and Analytics solution

ERP Solutions

Productivity Gain and Document Management

Development center

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