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Predica has entered into several partnership agreements to provide resources and solutions at competitive pricing. With a long-term partnership with many firms, we have been able to offer a quick response to our client needs. Assisted by several entrepreneurial organizations, leadership team at Predica constantly seeks to create opportunities within the firm and also for the clients.


India This year Predica entered into partnership agreement with Entrepreneurship School in Gurgaon, Haryana, India ( to jointly work on leading edge analytics program.



This year Predica entered into partnership agreement with Myraah in Pune, Maharashtra, India ( to jointly work on leading edge analytics program.





Retail Automata Analytics Inc is a Big Data Analytics Company with Patent Pending Predictive Analytics technology (“Unified Predictive Retail Eco-System”: for Generating Predictions Across A Range Of Products) built using Big Data Analytics Technologies, machine learning, AI and have been working on large data sets modeling & predictions.



Analyzing Historical Sales Data From All Sources, RAA’s Big Data Predictive Analytics Algorithms Generate Accurate Predictions Of Future Buys Of Customers to create a Unified Retail View Across multiple Business of Customers and Products to showcase personalized recommendations across various digital channels to create an Omni channel experience for end consumers. Their Predictive Analytics Technology takes into account fundamental Buy Decision Making Entities of Retail Ecology such as Purchase Decision Making Feature Sets, Affordability or price ranges, Frugality or discount sensitivity, Customer Evolution, Seasonality, etc.

Additionally, Predictive Analytics Technology Combined with Natural Language Processing utilizes the available data sets & real time sales data along with all the underlying attributes present in product data or customer preference data or sales data to derive analytical outputs and predictions. Retail Automata’s Intelligent Core Engine applies Big Data technologies to handle scalability. Sparsity in Unified abstracted predictive analytics data structure is handled by Dimensionality Reduction Techniques. Effect of frequent purchases of a small set of products or customers buying all products is handled by normalization techniques.

Their Technology is also applicable to following Business Domains:

  • (A) BFSI & Financial Technology, Portfolio Management, Investment Value Optimization, Personalized Stock Advisor, Portfolio X-Ray
  • (B) Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Healthcare


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